How to become a Diasec licensed partner?

You are an adept to photography and/or art. Of course! And your company focuses on printing, photofinishing and framing.


First, check here if no other company in your country owns a Diasec® license. Only then you can apply for a license.

Second, contact the Diasec training centre in the Netherlands:
Diasec-Support BV.

Through this training centre you will be led trough the sessions that lead to your official license. Once recorded, your company will be listed on this website.


North America:

For Canada and the USA we especially founded a brand new company that will allow a network of dealers who produce Diasec® products.

Diasec® will be broadly available all over North America from dealer network to be able to reply to the demand. Please revert to:



Since 2008 Diasec-Support BV in the Netherlands was setup to be able to train new licensee anywhere in the world. Diasec-Support BV provides you with the machine and the knowledge and skill to start ready to go as soon as your machine is setup in your company.