How to become a Diasec licensed partner?

You are an adept to photography and/or art. Of course! And your company focuses on printing, photofinishing and framing.


First, check here if no other company in your country owns a Diasec® license. Only then you can apply for a license.

Through this training centre you will be led trough the sessions that lead to your official license. Once recorded, your company will be listed on this website.

USA & Canada

For USA and the Canada we especially founded a brand new company that will allow a network of dealers who produce Diasec® products.

Diasec® will be broadly available all over North America from dealer network to be able to reply to the demand.


Be unique and destinguish yourself from the competition with a Diasec license. There are a selected amount of licenses to forgive.

Do not wait any longer!


Do you own a printmaking lab, picture framers or fine art mounting studio and you would like you expand your product offer to your customers?
Apply right now!

Set up shop

Are you a new entrepreneur in the face-mounting business and would you like to start with the best quality possible? Do not wait any longer and apply! 

Diasec is the Best!

We dare to say it:
Diasec is the best plexiglass bonding process available today!

Since 1969

The quality of Diasec adhesive is unsurpassed. Where a transparent mounting film ages prematurely, Diasec adhesive has not done so for more than half a century. Since its existence in 1969, no works of art have surfaced due to aging glue.

Brand name

Diasec® is a protected brand name used by many licensed companies.
As such, the brand name is registered worldwide.

Distinction from imitations

There is an assured supply of proven ingredients.
This distinguishes Diasec from imitations that depend on uncertain availability.

The process

With Diasec you can mount fine art pigment prints such as rag and baryta (inkjet), directly without additional treatments. Of course, you can also mount chromogenic photographs from Lambda and Light-Jet or similar.

Protection for licensees

When you become a licensee, you want some protection for your investment, right? Diasec Support helps you obtain a contract for the protection you need for your business.

Exclusive operating area

Diasec is licensed to the licensee who can choose a particular privileged zone, giving you Diasec exclusivity in your operating area.

Protected ingredients

Diasec uses its own glue and catalyst. Privileged and exclusively available only to licensed companies.


Diasec® is an excellent brand name used by many licensed companies worldwide.

Growing Demand

The growing demand for Diasec puts your company in an excellent position towards competitors.

High Return On Investment

Want to know more about this business opportunity?
Get in touch with us and get a quotation!

Profit 70-75%

The percentage after deducting direct costs from the selling price may be around a profitable figure of 70-75%.

Profitable selling price

The selling price of Diasec products can be positioned more profitably than that of a film adhesive process.

Low error rate

The Diasec process has a very low error rate with skilled staf. This ensures a quick return on investment. Few failures is time and money saving.

Added Value

Diasec's production price is comparable of that of a film adhesive process., but Diasec's added value and confidence in the artwork is the big win for your clients.