Diasec Support & Supplies

Diasec Support is the partner to get support with Diasec as an established as well as a future licensee. Do you have questions about the production process? Do you need new equipment or devices? Or do you want to become a licensee?


Great! You have a Diasec license. First you need to be trained in the production process.

In our training facility you will be trained to start flawlessly from day one!

In consultation, training at your own location is possible.


Buy yours today! 

To make Diasec products you need a special machine. A general laminating machine is not good enough. 

Specific speed and pressure need to be maximally controllable and reproducible.


To produce Diasec you need special glue and catalyst. 

Only Diasec licensees can have access to training, equipment and ingredients!

Protection for licensees

Because of the required machine, adhesive and catalyst (which are only available to licensees), you are protected from counterfeiters.
In addition, Diasec is a globally registered brand name.