Diasec and Trulife

TruLifeTM: non-glare plexiglas with stunning brilliance.


TruLifeTM is a product of TruVue®, known of non glare Museumglass® for framings. This material also has a huge UV protection.

The material is available coated single side for the use with Diasec. The uncoated side is suitable for the fluid mounting system that Diasec uses. 

Unique combination.

Diasec® suppliers recommend TruLifeTM as a preferred medium.


Because the image is glued directly in contact with the TruLife™ anti-reflective acrylic there is a great advantage compared to traditional framing. 

Due to the combination of TruLifeTM and Diasec® the result is an even clearer image than you were used to.

 Available sizes

TruLifeTM 3,0 mm thickness up to 120x240 cm 

TruLifeTM 4,5 mm thickness up to 180x240 cm

Left: high gloss acrylic 
Right: TruLife TM acrylic